The Six Mile Pub and Our Food Community

Simple ingredients,
sourced thoughtfully
treated with respect.


Unique at the Six Mile Pub
  • We do not own or use Microwave ovens
  • Only zero trans fat fry oil is used in our fryers. While more costly, the quality is in the taste and the value is in its healthful properties
  • We serve handmade artisan products including pasta, sausages & bread



Great Food that is Gluten Free / Gluten Free Option Available

  • All of our deep fryers are gluten free!!!
  • Proprietary gluten free flours expertly blended in house
  • Contraband flours are stored away from prep hall
  • Gluten free kitchen guidelines in place
  • Gluten free education is ongoing at the 6Mile
  • Our menu has GF icons marking our house made gluten free products. Enjoy!


The Apiary at 6Mile

In the media over the last decade, one cannot escape the ever-present talk of the declining honey bee population in North America. Some even say that our fate is entwined with the honey bee; without the cheap labour of honey bees to pollinate plants and food-plants, we — as a species — could find our global food sources dwindle.

At the Six Mile, we keep bees to do our part to help Mother nature. We use our honey to provide different flavour profiles for many items including our ice cream.



We’ve also joined the Grease Cycle Project based in Duncan. This last year we saved 10.70 tonnes of greenhouse gases from being emitted into our atmosphere just by recycling our grease from our deep fryers.


Riverside Kitchen
Artisan Breads

Using specialty grains and flours and unrefined sea salt, our team of artisan bakers make leavened breads and pizza dough from our lovingly nurtured sourdough “mothers” (respectively named “Lucille” and “Sandy”). Gluten Free breads and pizza dough are also made in-house using our proprietary blends of Gluten Free flours and Gluten Free starter, “Ellen”. Quality that deserves a “Toast”!


Two Rivers

We buy Heritage Angus beef, turkey, pork-loin, pork-butt, bison, and duck from Two Rivers. Two Rivers Specialty Meats Company in turn, partners with local farmers that share their same core-beliefs. As a result, we get ethically raised meats from any-number of different farms at any given time.



sixmile_and_cachecreekCache Creek Natural Beef
(Heritage Angus beef farmer)

They practice “intensive pasturing,” which requires that the animals are moved often to prevent damage to their pasture through overgrazing. This “intensive pasturing” process ensures sustainability and stewardship over the land.They believe that happy pastures = happy cattle.



Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Parry Bay Sheep Farm is a mixed farm operating in the Metchosin area. Since the early 80’s John and Lorraine Buchanan have been striving to farm in a sensible and sustainable way. Their five children have grown up on the farm and have contributed greatly to its success. Their mutton is far superior to most commercial lamb, tender and moist, with subtle flavour.



Overfishing is the biggest threat our oceans face today. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is the Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice. Ocean Wise’s recommendations are based on: Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures; Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research; Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on nontarget and endangered species and; Harvesting in ways that limits habitat damage and negative interactions with other species. In July 2016, Six Mile Pub became an official Ocean Wise partner with a 100% Ocean Wise menu.


frog_coffeeFrog Friendly Wild Coffee

Frog Friendly Wild Coffee differs in ways that matter. Frog is WILD. It is not farmed. The environment is not altered. Chemical sprays and pesticides do not enter the equation. Seeded amongst the mango trees, vanilla orchids, cocoa and wild flora of the last remaining intact Cloud forest of Mexico, Frog Friendly Wild beans are a step beyond organic or fair trade.



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